4 Spirits Distillery is dedicated to honoring, remembering and giving back to veterans. Established in 2011 with a mission to create superior craft spirits while honoring all service members both past and present.

Head Distiller: Dawson Officer

Tasting: Single Malt Whiskey



Welcome to Branch Point Distillery. We are a craft distillery producing grain to glass whiskeys in Willamette Valley's wine country. We focus on sourcing grain from local farmers and using traditional methods to create original whiskeys. We invite you to join us at our tasting room and distillery in Dayton, Oregon and experience our whiskey for yourself. Cheers!

Head Distiller: Steven Day

Tasting: TRIT Straight Whiskey 92 Proof Aged 4 years, Single Pot Still Oregon Whiskey 92 Proof Aged 4+ years, Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof Aged 4+ years




Bull Run Distillery was established in 2010 in NW Portland with a focus on whiskey and specialty vodkas.

Head Distiller: Lee Medoff

Tasting: Oregon Single Malt finished in Madeira Casks, 101.68 Proof; All Oregon Single Malt, Proof TBD - currently aging in Oregon Oak casks, Aged 8 years



It was 1996, and all we wanted to do was live in the mountains and make great spirits. Over the years, that spark grew into a passion for making the best tasting spirits with the most natural ingredients available. Today, Crater Lake Spirits is one of Oregon’s oldest and largest distilleries serving up traditional spirits with spirited infusions.

Head Distiller: Bob Monroe

Tasting: Rye (2 year), Estate Rye (3 year), Reserve Rye (5 year), Black Butte Whiskey (5 year), and Barley Whiskey (6 year)


At Dilley Rae, we believe that good whiskey starts the moment it leaves the still. We use quality ingredients in our bourbon mash, ferment with selected yeasts and distill in old style copper pot stills. We were established in 2020 always bottle from a single barrel. We believe by creating a product we love, you will love it too.

Tasting: Dilley Rae Prima – Oregon Whiskey




Jason Johnson's family homesteaded outside of The Dalles on the lower Deschutes River in 1875. They were one of the first to grow wheat east of the Cascades and have been growing soft white wheat ever since.  In 2014, my wife and I decided to give a dream a try and started Double Circle Spirits.  We wanted to craft unique expressions of the highest quality that were truly farm to bottle, using our family’s wheat.  Today we have a number of straight wheat whiskey’s and straight bourbon whiskey’s reflecting that dream.

Head Distiller:  Tom Burkleaux

Tasting: Small Batch Straight Wheat Whiskey, 45%/90 Proof, over 4 years; Single Barrel, Straight Wheat Whiskey, Barrel Proof, 61.7%/123.4 Proof, over 4 years; Single Barrel, Straight Wheat Whiskey, Imperial Porter Finished, 50%/100 Proof, over 4 years; Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 45%/90 Proof, over 4 years; Single Barrel, Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Barrel Proof, 61.7%/123.4 Proof, over 4 years; Single Barrel, Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Pinot Noir Finished 50%/100 Proof, over 4 years



McMenamins is a family-owned company in the Pacific Northwest serving our own handcrafted beer, wine, cider, spirits and coffee alongside good, honest pub fare since 1983. Steeped in art, history and a sense of place, locations range from neighborhood pubs to historic hotels where live music and history talks are the norm, and soaking pools, movie theaters and other fun prevail

Head Distiller’s name: James Whelan (Edgefield) Bart Hance (CPR), Arthur Price (CPR)

Tasting: Edgefield Distillery- Hogshead Whiskey, 92 proof, 5 years old; Edgefield Distillery- Monkey Puzzle Flavored Whiskey with Hops and Honey, 92 proof; Edgefield Devils Bit 2022 Lightly peated Golden Promise malt, aged 7 years in sherry cask, 92 proof; Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery- Billy Rye Whiskey aged 4 years, 100 proof; Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery- Billy Wheat Whiskey, aged 5 years, 87 proof; Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery- Phil Whiskey multi grain recipe, aged 9 years, 90 proof




We aren’t the big guys. Our focus is on local grains, the purest water, and passion for fine spirits. Here at New Basin, we’re a family; growing, harvesting, bottling, and serving up our spirits.We don't buy the grain. 100% our grain in both Resignation Rye and Wild Will Wheat is grown on our farms.

Head Distiller: Rick Molitor

Tasting: Resignation Rye Whiskey and Wild Will Wheat Whiskey



New Deal Distillery has been proudly crafting small batch, award-winning spirits in Portland, Oregon since 2004. Inspired by the DIY creative culture of Portland pioneering craft brewers, wine makers and artisans, Tom Burkleaux founded New Deal Distillery to meet the need for locally-made, small batch, high quality spirits.

Head Distiller: Tom Burkleaux

Tasting: Distiller's Reserve Wheat Whiskey, 80 Proof, Aged 3 years; Distiller's Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, 86 Proof, Aged 4.5 years; Distiller's Workshop Bierschnapps, 86 proof, Aged 4.5 years; Distiller's Workshop Bootstrap Whiskey, 86 Proof, Aged 5.5 years; Distiller's Workshop Rye Whiskey, 86 Proof, Aged 6 years, Distiller's Workshop Single Malt Whiskey, 86 Proof, Aged 8 years




Oregon Spirit Distillers is an award-winning distillery in Bend, Oregon. Our commitment to the freshest ingredients and highest quality products has guided our company values since 2009. As the first distillery to operate a still in Central Oregon, we take pride in the art and science of making premium spirits.

Cascade Mountains water and hardy high desert grains create products as authentic and extraordinary as the state they come from. We are proud to deliver the American Whiskey promise as a celebration of the land we have loved for generations.

Head Distiller: Michael May

Tasting: Oregon Whiskey Festival Exclusive Release: Mecca Grade Estate Malt Whiskey (5.5 year), Eaves Blind Cask Strength Blended Bourbon (4.2 year), Single Barrel Bottled in Bond Bourbon Whiskey (4 year), Straight American Bourbon Whiskey (4 year), Straight American Wheat Whiskey (5 year), and Straight American Rye Whiskey (4 year)



We are a small craft distillery located in historic downtown Astoria, Oregon and a tasting room in Portland. Since 2013, Pilot House Distilling has made it its top priority to provide customers with the best craft quality products available. Our team works hard to guarantee that whenever our customers, friends, & family think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us.

Head Distiller: Larry Cary

Tasting: A-O Straight Whiskey, A-O Come Hell or High Water Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, A-O Straight Rye Whiskey and A-O Straight Bourbon Whiskey



Ransom Wines & Spirits were started by Tad Seestedt. Born and raised on a farm in the NY Finger Lakes, he later tried his hand at New York City living and corporate America and quickly realized that he missed the farm. So he ventured on the 2,000 mile journey west finding his way on the Oregon trail to a farm in Sheridan where he laid the foundation for a winery and distillery.

Here in the green foothills of the Oregon Cascades,  a new tradition of winemaking and distilling is springing to life. At Ransom Spirits, we strive daily to embody our core values of historicity, craftsmanship, and terroir.  In working hard every day to make products that speak to their literal and figurative roots, we believe that we have created dynamic, terroir-driven wines and craft spirits with the weight and aromatic complexity of their predecessors.

Head Distiller: Matt Cechovic

Tasting: Ransom Emerald 1865 Whiskey, 87.6 Proof, Aged 4+ years; Ransom Rye Barley Wheat Whiskey, 93.4 Proof, Aged 5+ years; Ransom Bourbon, 88 Proof, Aged 2+ years



Established in 2003 as one of the original craft distilleries in the country, Rogue Spirits crafts world-class spirits at their home in Newport on the Oregon Coast. It’s here where the barrels have the best seat in the house - the barrel aging room overlooks the Yaquina Bay, the Pacific Ocean and the commercial fishing fleet. Every day, a little bit of the salt air from the Yaquina Bay seeps inside the barrels. This micro-oxygenation process helps the spirits age gracefully, but also ensures a bit of the salt air from Rogue’s hometown is in every bottle of Rogue Spirits.

Head Distiller: Jake Holshue

Tasting: Dead Guy Whiskey, Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey, Oregon Rye Malt Whiskey and Oregon Single Malt Whiskey


Stein Distillery pioneered the way for micro-distilleries in Eastern Oregon.  Since opening in 2009, Stein Distillery’s line of handcrafted product has steadily increased.  We have several 2 year and 5 year bourbons and whiskeys plus a 9 year aged Rye Whiskey.

All Stein products start from authentic homegrown rye, wheat, and barley grown by Dan Stein on the Stein Family Farm located in Joseph, Oregon. The corn for our Bourbon recipe is provided by the Frisch Family Farm in Cove, Oregon.

Tasting: 2yr Straight Big Buck Blended Whiskey, 5yr Straight Bull Bourbon, 5yr Straight Ram Rye Whiskey, 5yr Straight Wallow Wheat Whiskey,  9yr Straight Ram Rye Whiskey




Sinister Distilling Company and Deluxe Brewing Company are part of Albany Steamworks, LLC, the dream of Eric “Howie” and Jamie Howard. The couple decided long ago that a brewstillery was exactly what they needed to start. After several years of research and the help of family, friends and the community, the Howards are realizing their dream. Sinister Distilling specializes in hand-crafted, small-batch, unique and flavorful spirits. They use a traditional whiskey pot still from Portugal. All of our spirits are made from scratch, utilizing the finest local ingredients.

Tasting: Howard Jacob American Single Malt Whiskey 80 proof, Aged 4 years, Single Barrel




Stone Barn Brandyworks makes craft spirits that capture the essence of the Northwest. We are a human-scale distillery invested in our people, ingredients, and products. Our spirits are fermented and distilled in our Southeast Portland distillery, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We started out in 2009 making fruit brandy and liqueurs inspired by the European tradition. Later, we added a single barrel whiskey program that treats grain and oak with that same attention to provenance and quality.

Tasting: Straight Rye Whiskey - aged 5 years & single barrel

Straight Bourbon Whiskey - aged 4 years & single barrel

Other whiskey TBD



Single Malt Reimagined. American Whiskey Elevated.

Westward Whiskey is a Portland, Oregon-based distillery that is inspired by but not beholden to tradition. Westward is brewed like a pale ale, distilled like a Single Malt, and aged like a bourbon. The result of this relentless pursuit of perfection is a bold, award-winning American Single Malt.

Head Distiller: Christian Krogstad

Tasting: American Single Malt, American Single Malt Stout and American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask